Derick Downs Services


Websites & Apps

Looking to build a website or a mobile application? Derick & his teams can design, develop it all.  From beautiful websites to intense gaming apps, Derick has been involved in all types of app development projects. Check out the portfolio, or both Itunes App Store, and Google Play App store. 

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E-Commerce Marketing

Derick develops digital customer acquisition and retention strategies for merchants & retailers. Amazon , E-bay. and many other platforms can play a major role in e-commerce depending on your product. Derick has proven to be successful many times when it comes to selling products online. Even when the products are bad (Glitter Bombs, Prego Test, Poop by Mail, etc. ) Lets chat before the holiday season starts! 

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Graphic Design

Derick and his teams, have been creating and optimizing web interfaces for years. During our interface design phase, we work with you to ensure that design and functionality is exactly how you want it.  Design is a process and Derick hates design.  He has many different designers with many different styles to help make your site have the look and feel your looking for.  

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Digital Consulting

Derick has been consulting on digital strategies for years. From startups to publicly traded companies, Derick has helped his clients understand their customers needs, develop a roadmap to success, and stay involved to ensure proper execution for as long as you want. From platform selection to customer journey planning, Derick utilizes a mix of branding, human feedback, and data to truly understand your current and potential audience. During this process, he’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses across a variety of areas like experience, branding, technology, and marketing to help created a more connected brand ecosystem.  

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Managed Cloud Hosting

Derick provides fully managed, reliable web hosting so you can focus on taking care of your websites. My network is backed by a 100% network uptime.  With Cpanel, you can install applications with the click of a button, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many others. You can even upgrade your applications through the installers easy to use interface. 

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Derick helps create a unique marketing plan thorough strategy for social media.  Social media plays a huge role in your customers life.  We want to make sure we put your business in front of your audience wherever they are online.  Derick creates social media programs using proven strategies, objectives, and outcomes that include branding, content, technology and a few secrets :).

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Derick Downs is a Search Engine Marketing Expert.  Derick helps drive return on investment (ROI) through proven SEM techniques.  With a Google Partner Badge, Derick has access to some of the latest tools, beta programs, and smartest teams within Google Ads.  Together we can help make sure any campaign meets its objectives. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Derick uses a combination of technical expertise,  ai, well-crafted content, and high-quality backlinks to propel brands to the top position of the search engine results.  Derick has the ability to use white hat, gray hat, or black hat strategies to win your SERP.  Derick and his team have the tools you need to rank organically.  

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Maintaining a positive ROI

Derick is big on making sure your not just throwing money at Google to say your marketing online.  If it doesn't make dollars, then it doesn't even make sense to attempt digital marketing.  If you would like a honest evaluation about what the market, you competitors, or going rate for any keyword then contact me and lets talk.  Some start ups think that just because they have a website the money is just going to roll in.  That is not the case 97% of the time.  Maybe it is for you. Prove me wrong!

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